Rules and Regulations

1. All teams must turn in their completed roster by 12 noon on Saturday, July 23rd, 2016. Rosters are frozen as submitted.
2. No team player may jump from one team to another; any infractions will result in forfeit. To clarify a player cannot play on more than one open aged team. 
3. Start and stop all games on the sound of the horn. A team not ready to play 5 minutes after the horn will forfeit. 8 players are required to start a game.
4. Club rules apply, all substitutions on the fly, no counts (except for in the crease), and no shot clock..
5. Games will be 25-minute halves - running time, 3 minutes between halves, 7 minutes between games.
6. Each team is responsible to keep track of their own penalty time - Penalty time starts with the resumption of play.
7. One 30 second time-out per half is allowed, no team is allowed to call time-out in the last 3 minutes of a period, time remaining will be announced at 5 minutes and 3 minutes.
8. Flag down - second flag stops play, otherwise, continue play until defense gets possession, ball goes out of bounds, offense commits penalty.
9. Over/Back - once team crosses restraining line; over/back rule in play.
10. Dive – dives will be allowed – but no contact with goalkeeper.
11. Fighting will result in expulsion from the tournament.
12. NCAA rules for sportsmanship will be enforced.
13. Using the "F" word will result in a 30-second un-releasable penalty, this will be strictly enforced.
14. The referee has complete authority in the game.
15. Please be considerate not to litter fields, use the barrels provided.
16. Tournament Committee has final decision on all rules and regulations. Any complaints shall be brought to the attention of the Tournament Director, Rob Peterson.
17. Tie Breakers
      A. If two teams are tied and they've played each other, head to head competition will be used.
      B. If three or more teams are tied, or A does not break a tie between two teams, the following criteria will be used:
           1. Fewest goals allowed (GA).
           2. Most goals scored (GF).
           3. Greatest winning margin (i.e., total goal differential).
           4. Coin toss.
18. The score of a forfeited game will be 7-0. A team not ready to play 5 minutes after the horn will forfeit.
19. In the event play is suspended on Saturday due to weather, the Tournament Director will decide how to determine Sunday playoff positioning.
20. A team may have a maximum of four (4) long poles on the field at one time.
21. Team captains must introduce themselves to the officials immediately before each game, and provide their official team names for scoring.