Tournament Format and Scoring

The tournament has three competitively balanced divisions, red (top level club), blue and green (club & college). There are a maximum of ten teams in each division. Games will be 25 minute running halves and use club rules. Six fields will be used to assure maximum playing time. The eight top teams in each division on Saturday advance to play in a single elimination playoff on Sunday. Team standings are determined by (in order of importance):

1. Overall record of wins, losses and ties
2. Head-to-head competition result, when only two teams are tied
3. Fewest total goals allowed (GA)
4. Most total goals scored (GF)
5. Coin toss by Director or Head Scorekeeper
6. All games are played at Glastonbury High School, Hubbard Street, Glastonbury, CT where six fields are available.

No medical insurance will be provided, each player must agree to provide their own. The GLT tournament committee has only a general liability policy.

Team managers and players can check this website on Friday, July 23rd, after 1:00 PM, for the Saturday schedule. On Sunday, all teams that make the playoffs in the Men's Divisions play at the same time. Pairings will be based on Saturday's standings and available late Saturday evening.

For more information, contact the respective divisional coordinators or at the Tournament Tent.

Please tell your families and friends what team you play for, so that they don't miss your games. We cannot provide much help to parents looking for "Joe from Pennsylvania."