Team representatives and players can check this website on Friday, July 21st, 2023 after 1:00 PM, for the Saturday schedule.

Each team should plan on playing four games on Saturday beginning at 9am (some teams may start later) and finishing by 7pm (some teams may finish earlier)

On Sunday, all teams that make the playoffs in the Men's Divisions play at the same time. Pairings will be based on Saturday's standings and available late Saturday evening.

Green quarters at 9

Blue quarters at 10

Red quarters at 11

Green and Blue semis at 12

Red semis at 1

Green and Blue finals at 2

Red Championship at 3


This schedule is consistant with the tournament format that has been followed for over thirty years but is subject to adjustment based final team registration and occassionally lighting delays that may occur over the tournament weekend. If you have any questions please contact your teaam representative since almost all of them have played in the GLT in past years.