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As of 7/9/20, it is with heavy heart that we are announcing the cancellation of the 2020 Glastonbury Lacrosse Tournament. With first face off now just two weeks away we felt that we couldn’t delay the decision any longer.

There were multiple compounding challenges that pushed us to this tough decision. On Monday, 7/6, Connecticut announced that they were compelled to pause our State's reopening, limit outside gatherings to one hundred people and expanded the fourteen day quarantine to visitors from nineteen states. As of today we had just eleven teams that have fully registered. Additional teams had registered online but had not made payment and others had sent emails saying that they were going to register but hadn’t followed through. We certainly understand everyone’s hesitation and we were hopeful that we would eventually have enough teams but it was clear that this added ambiguity would negatively impact the immense planning required to safely host the event. The COVID19 protocols were going to be many and significant. We would have needed to have teams follow a strict schedule of entering and exiting each field as well as assure that all participants and fans wear masks and social distance between games (team tents wouldn’t have been permitted). As all GLT regulars know, the tournament is run with only a small staff, and it was not reasonable to believe that the staff would be able to assure that these safety protocols were all being followed at all times. Each team’s representative was going to have to certify that each of their players were symptom free, without fever and had not recently traveled from a state subject to quarantine. Given the history the tournament has had with getting waivers in on time it was not reasonable to believe that we could achieve full compliance with this procedure. Adding to the challenge on this procedure was the realization that the team reps for two of the eleven registered teams are from states that are on the Connecticut quarantine list.

The Cape Cod, Lake Placid, Newport, and Vail tournaments and others have already cancelled their tournaments yet we had held out hope that we could still pull it off. When weighing all the significant risks to our players, their fans, the Town of Glastonbury, and to the long term reputation of the GLT, the prudent decision became apparent.  

After thirty five years it is heartbreaking to concede that we will not be able to safely carry the torch in 2020. Paid Fees will be refunded. We apologize for disappointing our loyal fans. Please know that we are already enthusiastically looking forward to seeing everyone next summer.

As of 6/12/20 the State of Connecticut has issued updated guidelines allowing for the resumption of lacrosse and tournaments beginning 7/6/20. We are moving forward optimistically in hopes of hosting a healthy and celebratory weekend of play on the originally planned weekend of July 25-26.

ONLINE REGISTRATION IS OPEN!! The entirety of the website will continue to be updated so please be patient with that, but we wanted to turn on registration right away. We are asking interested teams to register as quickly as possible so that we can plan properly. We may need to reduce the number of teams and modify the schedule. We anticipate working through evolving guidelines right up to the Tournament weekend so we would also appreciate your patience on these issues as we work through all of these novel challenges.

As of 6/5/2020 we are still awaiting, hopefully soon to be released, State of Connecticut guidelines for the resumption of youth and adult sports. Once those guidelines are announced we will assess the feasibility of holding the GLT on its typical late July weekend. This year we have reserved 7/25-26 with the Town of Glastonbury. We will also be considering dates in August if that time looks more promising. We appreciate all the support that we have been receiving and we will make every possible effort to provide for the GLT family's annual reunion. We are hoping that this year it will be an extra special celebration. The details, including opening up registration, are TBD, but we plan to keep the format as similar to past years as the guidelines allow. You may use the previous years' information on this website for general information but also realize that things may need to be different this summer. If you have any questions please feel free to shoot us an email at  and/or   


Date: Saturday & Sunday, July 25 & 26, 2020

Location: Glastonbury High School, Hubbard Street, Glastonbury, CT

To Benefit: The National Multiple Sclerosis Society and the Glastonbury (youth) Lacrosse Club and the Friends Of Glastonbury Lacrosse (GHS)

Registration: Two years ago we added Online Registration and payment via PayPal. Teams are welcome to continue to register through the mail but most should find the online option quicker and more convenient. Click on the "Application Details" tab and then click on the dropdown "Online Registration". Returning teams must register and pay by July 4th 2020 to secure their spot. New teams will be accepted in order of receipt of their paid application.  


Pink (women's) and Grey (35+) Divisions: In the past the GLT has hosted women's and master's (35+) divisions. If there was to be adequate interest (at least four definite teams in a divsion) then we would certainly be excited to host again. If you are interested, please email @snet.net or  with your ideas and/or questions. If you are interested then please let us know. 

Awards: Division Champions and runners-up will receive commemorative awards.

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